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Jeremiah Johnson and Becky Fischer Invite You


Discover How To How to Raise Kids Supernaturally in the Midst of Worldly Distractions



10 Videos packed with Biblical insight from Becky and Jeremiah on raising arrows for the Kingdom of God.


Min Each Or Less

Each module is less than 20 minutes, making this course easily accessible and applicable for parents.


Of Tools

We believe in this inishgtful e-course, you will recieve tools that you can use and apply for a lifetime that will provide long-lasting fruit and impact in your kids.

Jeremiah Johnson and Becky Fischer want to invite you on this supernatural journey with us

This step-by-step training with Jeremiah Johnson and Becky Fischer shows you how to train and equip saints to raise supernatural children in the home


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Becky Fischer, apostolic minister, writer, public speaker, graphic artist, and more is the founder and director of Kids in Ministry International (KIMI). KIMI is a multifaceted ministry that trains and equips both children and parents to walk in the supernatural power of God. Becky served as a children’s pastor for ten years prior to starting KIMI. She has trained thousands of children, teens, parents, and children’s workers through conferences, Bible schools, mission trips, churches and resource materials. Becky and Kids in Ministry International was featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary film Jesus Camp in 2006. Ms. Fischer has ministered in 24 nations, and 26 US states. She was also in business management for 23 years prior to going into full-time ministry.

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Jeremiah Johnson is a church planter, best-selling author of multiple books and a globally recognized prophet. He has ministered in 42 states and 25 foreign nations. He is also a popular television guest on The 700 Club, Daystar, TBN, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, The Jim Bakker Show, and GodTV. Upon graduating from Southeastern University, the Johnsons planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL in 2010 and successfully pioneered there for a decade.

After transitioning out of their role in Florida in 2020, the Johnsons were divinely called to North Carolina through an invitation from God to birth and establish The Altar Global and The Altar School. The Altar Global is a growing movement of Christians from around the world who share a common passion for the return of Jesus Christ and the preparation of the Bride for that glorious day. The Altar School is a one-year intensive program that carries a mandate to disciple end-time messengers in every sphere of society. In 2022, God called the Johnsons to plant The Ark Fellowship, which serves as a local church community for many individuals, marriages, and families in the Charlotte, NC region.

From planting churches, ministering around the world, birthing an end-time movement, and establishing schools of ministry, the Johnsons have given their entire lives to the front lines of the kingdom of God.

Here's What You'll Get In This All-New E-Course:

A Special Welcome from Jeremiah Johnson and Becky Fischer 

Welcome to the Raising Supernatural Kids E-Course! This course will be led by Jeremiah Johnson, along with guest speaker Becky Fischer, founder of Kid’s in Ministry International, with over 30 years of experience in children’s ministry.

Being Raised as a Prophetic Child

Jeremiah Johnson’s parents encouraged and helped steward his prophetic gift from a young age. He was born dead and three weeks late. Miraculously, the doctor was able to save him and his mother. The doctor who delivered him was Jewish and happened to be in Israel right before his birth! God used this to shape the burden for Israel in Jeremiah’s life.

It Begins in the Womb

God chose Abraham to be the Father of the nations because He knew that he would be raising his son to follow the Lord in a pagan world. Abraham’s way of raising children is to be passed on and affect generations.

The Jewish Way

Abraham’s way of raising children to worship the Lord in a pagan world is passed down through generations and is used by Jews today.

Battle in the Spirit Realm

While you put into practice the principles from these previous classes, you will start to notice if your child is sensitive to the Spirit. They will see angels, hear words from the Lord, and have wonderful experiences in the Spirit. However, sensitive children will often see demonic activity in the spirit, because there is only one spirit world.

The Hard Truth

Each generation increases in the number of children walking away from the faith. Relationships with parents are a high determining factor in the decision to stay with or leave the church.

What it Takes to Raise a Supernatural Generation

There are three elements you should be looking for in a children’s ministry and also implementing in your home. Meat, Equip, and Presence. Learn more in module 7.

The Dead are Raised

Becky has a passion not just to equip children, but to equip ministers. She is seeking to reproduce all that God has taught her about children's ministry. Often, it is not on a church’s radar to raise their kids in the supernatural. Many ministries see children’s ministry no more than a Sunday morning daycare. Becky’s curriculum and ways of training children in the supernatural are bearing fruit in the nations!

From Generation to Generation

Jeremiah asks the question: What is God saying to a generation of Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles who are concerned about this day and age? Becky responds by teaching on how to take kids seriously and give a Godly response to their concerns.

Get Connected

Jeremiah delivers 9 ways to pray over the children of this generation. God is placing steel rods in the backs of Parents and Grandparents, to be a source of guidance and instruction in the next generation.



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