The Harvest Digital Course

Here's What You'll Get In This Course:


  1. Welcome to Your E-Course! A special introduction with Jeremiah and Mario
  2. A personal discussion- Mario and Jeremiah's story
  3. YOU are a Soul Winner. Discover why God made you to win souls
  4. The Secret Heart of a Soul Winner 
  5. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. What does God see?
  6. The Lord of the Harvest. God's plan for His reward.
  7. The Ministry of the Prophet and Evangelist. How they work hand-in hand,
  8. The Heart For The Harvest Field. How God Will Use The Heart of the Remnant. 
  9. The Church's Role In Evangelism. What You Can Do TODAY!
  • 9 Videos

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  • Welcome to Your E-Course!

  • Jeremiah and Mario's Story

  • You are a Soul Winner

  • The Secret of a Soul Winner

  • Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

  • The Lord of the Harvest

  • The Ministry of the Prophet and The Evangelist

  • The Heart for the Harvest Fields

  • The Church's Role in Evangelism